Welcome to The Threads

Hello! Welcome to my journal.


I originally started The Threads with the intention of it being an outlet for my obsessive passions for all things sustainability; it was going to be my tie to this community while I lacked real-life access from remote Western Australia. At the start, I didn’t know exactly what I was doing, so it’s no surprise the The Threads has transformed from its (very) shortly lived iteration as a lifestyle blog into a much more true-to-me creative studio and consultancy.

Since I first formed this space, I have camped across Australia with my partner in order to move our lives to the Melbourne area. The Threads is now my platform to engage with the real-life community I’m building here. While I still nerd out on all things sustainability, I’ve narrowed my focus for The Threads to conversations about waste though the lens of craft and design.

So, welcome to The Threads — a creative studio crafting with ‘waste’ and a consultancy helping brands eliminate the concept of waste altogether. This journal will be a living space for whatever feels like it needs to be noted — thoughts, questions, education and inspiration. Most likely it’ll be infrequent, casual and collaborative, but I guess we’ll just have to see how it wants to grow.

Thanks for stopping in. Join me over on Instagram and please be in touch with any ideas, questions, thoughts or just to say hello!

Talk soon,


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