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I help designers create a new status quo for a fashion industry with positive impact. We need more than just beautiful clothing — we need a creative, collaborative and sustainable future.

Mending + Making

Workshops and Activation

For brands and designers looking to engage customers/clients or employees with creativity and craft. Host a workshop where attendees will learn creative skills and techniques to keep their garments in their closets longer. From holes and stains to tired pieces looking for an update, participants will walk away with a new (old) heirloom and an understanding of the importance and sustainability of making-use. Alternatively available as an engagement and activation, participants can observe the creativity and craft unfolding right in front of them.

Creative themes:
  • Visible mending (patching, stitching and darning)
  • Embroidery and hand stitching
  • Natural dyeing (overdye, shibori or bundle dyeing)
  • Block printing and painting
  • Customize your own…

Circular Design


For brands and designers who are seeking an understanding of the circular economy, the systems required within it and the design principles that enable it. This class will get beyond buzzwords and dive into the new methods of practice for a circular fashion industry. Covering materials, use, end-of-life and collaboration, we’ll use real-industry examples and engaging activities to walk through a holistic view of circularity before honing in on the the tools and principles required for this work.

what you’ll learn:
  • Overview of the circular economy
  • Circular design principles for fashion design
  • Design and systems thinking
  • Concrete examples and case studies

Sustainable Fashion


For brands and creatives wanting personalized support for their sustainable and circular work. Whether you’re looking to figure out your first step or next step, I’ll help you identify your gaps and find areas of opportunity so you can build a holistic business that is positive for people, planet and profit. With a balance of creativity and systems-thinking, I’ll be your guide through the ideas, information and network you need to have a positive impact.

what we’ll solve:
  • Circular design principles and systems
  • Systems-based fashion design
  • Pre and post-consumer waste re-design
  • Holistic sustainability vision



For academia and industry seeking a professional to share stories, advice and design-thinking that inspires and educates about the future of the fashion industry. With a unique background in fashion sustainability and circular design, I have shared my insights and moderated panels at conferences, workshops, academic summits and as a guest in classrooms. As a practitioner and expert with endless passion, my aim is to educate about the complex systems of fashion while inspiring collaboration and disrupting the status quo.

what I’ll share:
  • Fashion design as system design
  • Circular design principles and philosophy
  • Sustainable fashion strategies
  • EILEEN FISHER re-use design experience

Kind Words

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Circular Fashion Workbook

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"Circularity" is a term popping up in more and more places - but what does it really mean? And how does it impact the way we design? This workbook will walk you through the one question you need to rethink the way you design, so you can create products and services that positively impact people, planet and profit.


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Let’s work together to create a circular fashion system that is healthy and thriving for generations to come.