The Threads is a creative studio and consultancy using design and collaboration to sustain a world without waste.

This is my why

I believe that creativity is an important tool in making the world more joyful and sustainable. Throughout my life, I have been empowered, inspired & supported by the creative energy in the people and spaces around me. Creativity brings innovation to problem solving, courage to decision making and calm to the overwhelm. 

I believe that the things we fill our lives with should hold meaning and stories while helping to cultivate a sustainable world. As a maker and designer, I view ‘waste’ as a design problem and a false concept born from lack of creativity and foresight. Things can be fixed, material can be used and ‘waste’ can be redefined. 

The Threads is about growing big movements through small steps. Everything in our world is connected, and when we focus in on the threads that weave it all together, we can bring understanding and intention to our work and our lives. 

The clarity, joy and innovation that creativity cultivates and the impact that can have on the world — that is my why. 


My story

I’m Teslin, the maker and designer behind The Threads. Raised in Northern California, I grew up amongst the redwoods and Pacific Ocean and spent my time creating art, camping and working on (unwillingly) ongoing home renovations. I learned to build and create, was allowed to personalize my space and was taught to recognize the impact I can, and do, have on the world around me. With the deeply-rooted need to make, I moved to New York to attend Parsons School of Design to study fashion design. I quickly realized that I didn’t care so much what garments looked like, but my passions instead were much more in how things were made and what they were made of. From that point on, I focused my studies on textiles, craft and sustainability and developed a design aesthetic that embodied my values.

After university, with no real idea of what to do with my life, I found myself working for two dream companies that had been light posts throughout my education. Following a summer at The Cradle to Cradle Institute’s Fashion Positive initiative, I received the CFDA x EILEEN FISHER Social Innovator Award which granted me a one-year residency at the company. During that year, my two fellow awardees and I were tasked with designing solutions for the hundreds of thousands of garments returned through the company’s recycling program that were too damaged to be resold. At the end of the residency, EILEEN FISHER adopted our solutions in order to grow their recycling program into a holistic circular design department. I stayed on at EILEEN FISHER to develop the production system for this new “Remade” category of garments and to coordinate their manufacturing in the company’s Tiny Factory. It was during these short years after Parsons that life seemed to come together: I developed an understanding of my own innate abilities, discovered the power of creativity and… I fell in love.

Never able to stay on the ‘traditional’ path of life, I fell in love with an Australian during his visit to New York, so with one carry-on bag, I moved to Australia. We spent the first year living in remote Western Australia which was more of an amazing, grounding and life altering experience than I could’ve ever imagined. After driving and camping our way across the beautiful, colorful country we’ve made a home in the Melbourne area. Forever unable to pick just one thing, I started The Threads as a place to put my values and my passions into action. Here I get to create and make and help others cultivate their creativity in order to design a world that is joyful, colorful and most importantly — sustainable.

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